Mast Service

Our mast crew is standing by to help you prepare for the next leg of your trip. Call us if you need help planning your trip through the NY canal system. Let us help you make Catskill a great stop on your trip to or from the canal.

Tips to help you prepare for mast service:

Mast Unstepping:

Remove sails and boom
Parcel running rigging (please leave about 10″ or so of clear mast under the gooseneck or under the winches so we can fasten our down line in one of those spots)
Disconnect Mast electrical wires
Construct or modify existing mast supports, gather tie down rope or straps
Lower awnings, dodgers antennas, wind generators secure etc.
Loosen turnbuckles, straighten cotter pins, start cotter rings
Have tools at hand  and a few pieces of 4′ – 6′ line
Remove wedges or mast gasket if possible
If keel stepped, remove most of the standing rigging
Remove extra crew members and children from the boat.
 Mast Stepping:
Clear deck and untie the mast as much as is safe
Do anything aloft you need to do (lights, spreaders halyards instruments, antennas, rigging, etc.)
Have tools available
Make sure the standing and running rigging is on the right side of the spreaders
Have clevis and cotter pins, turnbuckles, mast tubes etc handy
Remove children and extra crew members from boat.
Do not stand or let anyone stand beneath the suspended load
Help keep the base of the mast lower than the masthead at all times
Speak to our man on deck, the crane operator can’t hear you. Our man will give  the crane operator hand signals.
There is an area where Sailors leave old mast supports behind, if these supports are not marked for return pick up you may be able to find something you can use or modify. (Please respect the mast supports marked for returning boats) We also keep a stock of 2X4s and 2X6s for purchase. A tool box is available and can be checked out by mast customers free of charge.